Admissions Eligibility for Independent Living Program
Operated by the Owensboro Mary Kendall Campus is housed in Owensboro, Ky

1. Youth committed or previously committed to Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) or the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ)

2. Youth must be aged 16.5 to 21 years old

3. Youth of any race, creed, national origin or religion; must be female

4. Youth have Full Scale IQ of 70 (lower IQ may be considered by Clinical Director on an individual basis)

5. Youth must be treatable in a dorm-style setting or scattered-site, community apartment unit

6. Youth able to conduct themselves in the community at large

7. The group, within the agency, to which the client will be assigned, is capable of absorbing her type of behavior

Contraindications Preventing Admission:

1. Fire setting in the last 12 months
2. Active substance use
3. Substance use as the primary treatment need
4. Sex perpetrating issues identified
5. Actively suicidal or homicidal
6. Actively psychotic
7. Medically fragile: including physically handicapped; hearing-impaired and unable to use verbal English with adaptive equipment; sight-impaired and unable to be corrected by artificial means