Post Placement and Post-Adoption Reports are Very Important

What are post-placement/post-adoption reports?

Post-placement/post-adoption supervision is required to ensure that the adopted child has been well-placed and is receiving adequate care and love. These services provide counseling for the new adoptive family, observe the child’s adjustment to the new home and supply parents with information and referrals.

The number of visits and subsequent reports is based on the country of origin’s requirements as well as the placing agency’s requirements. You will be asked to furnish photographs, written reports and medical report to send to your placing agency, which in turn will send to the country of origin.

All adoptive families are strongly encouraged to comply with their agency's and the child's country of origin required post-placement/post-adoption reports. These reports are becoming increasingly more important as many foreign officials assume the worst if they do not receive a report and are left wondering what happened to the child. Furthermore, failure to comply with these requirements can negatively impact other intercountry adoptions from that country.?Please fulfill your obligation and show foreign officials what a loving, supportive and safe permanent family you have provided to a child in need.

Prospective adoptive parents need to anticipate and understand the country of origin's reporting requirements. Should you decide to pursue an adoption with this understanding, your adoption agency and the U.S. Embassy will normally have helpful information with respect to the reporting requirements.

Post-adoption reports are normally designed to track the child's development and progress in adjusting to his or her new family and life in a new country. They also provide assurance to political leaders and adoption officials in the country of origin that children they place in permanent families through intercountry adoption in the United States are receiving appropriate care and protection.

Failure to provide post-adoption reports may put at risk intercountry adoption programs for U.S. parents who wish to adopt in the future. Accordingly, the Department of State strongly encourages parents to comply with post-adoption reporting requirements.

Post placement supervison is also important for domestic adoptions. The Mary Kendall Adoption Program will conduct post-placement visits in the months following your child's arrival. Reports are written and submitted to the placing agency and interstate compact if an interstate placement occurred.