Children's Advocacy Day, Kentucky United Methodist Homes, mental health, at-risk youth

Children's Advocacy Day is January 18, 2018

Nearly 1,000 youth and adults attend Children's Advocacy Day each year. We need you to help pack the rotunda and ask elected officials to prioritize kids in the legislative session.

Children's Advocacy Day at the Capitol began in 2004 as an effort to unite advocates from across the state to raise their voices on behalf of children's safety, health, education, and economic well-being.

Each year, the United Methodist Women join KyUMH along with members of United Methodist congregations across the state. We unite with advocates, business leaders, youth, and elected officials to be a visible and audible presence for Kentucky's children and youth.


It is a well-known rule of thumb to legislators and grass roots lobbyists that for every constituent who takes the time to contact a legislator about an issue, there are 1000 more concerned about that same issue. Legislators want to know what their constituents think about issues so that they can represent their district well and be re-elected. Your presence helps us show elected officials that we care about at-risk children and we want our tax dollars spent to help Kentucky's most vulnerable. With the state budget challenges, legislators are getting pulled in many directions for many causes. It is our job that day to make sure that they put children and families at the top of the priority list.

Other children’s groups who attend include, the Children’s Alliance, Community Coordinated Childcare, Kentucky Child Now!, Kentucky PTA, Kentucky Youth Advocates, Kosair Children’s Hospital, and much more.

Registration and Details

The day will consist of “meets and greets” with Senators and House representatives. These sessions are opportunities to get to know legislators and discuss with them issues concerning the well-being of vulnerable Kentucky children.

Details Coming Soon