Campus Spiritual Life is Voluntary

Each of the young people who live on our campuses come with unique needs and backgrounds. While the Children's Home does not promote any specific Christian denomination, we do endeavor to assess and meet the spiritual needs of our residents by providing voluntary weekly church and youth services and activities. Our Youth are encouraged to attend the offered church services and youth group activities, however if they choose not to attend these services, the Youth attend the Life Skills curriculum group during these times.

Staff encourages and helps the Youth find appropriate ways to express spirituality in their daily lives and refer the Youth to the Chaplain who is available to help the Youth with specific requests for spiritual guidance or services. We also provide weekly group time for the Youth with the Chaplain to discuss morals, values, character, and other daily issues the Youth may encounter.

Any spiritual practices that lead to dangerous outcomes to self or others are not allowed on campus.

Each teen is offered a Bible or other religious writings, as appropriate. Each Youth is given a quilt made and donated to the Methodist Home by those wishing to make a difference in our Youth's lives. If you would like to donate a quilt, or any item on our wishlist published in the Children's Voice. These quilts are a tangible means of sharing the love of God and impacting our Youth spiritually. Thank you to all of those who have and who will donate quilts for these special Youth.

"Each Youth who we are blessed to minister to touches my heart and continues in my prayers daily. They are searching for the acceptance and love that God provides and it is a blessing to watch them each mature emotionally and grow spiritually finding their self-worth through a relationship with God rather than from others or circumstances."

Chaplain Teresa

Teresa Kutcher
Chaplain Nicholasville Campus
(859) 523-4656

Randy Stallings
Chaplain Mary Kendall Campus
(270) 683-6481 ext. 218