Stories from the Kentucky United Methodist Homes

Penny's Story Kentucky United Methodist Home

Meet Penny

As a toddler, Penny knew all too well abandonment and pain.  Penny experienced 20 different placements during her young life.  Her journey led her to the Kentucky United Methodist Homes for Children and Youth. 

Our therapists worked intensely with Penny to help her heal from her painful history and arrange good, solid foster parents to teach her what love and trust really mean. Read more...

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Terry's Story, Kentucky United Methodist Homes

Meet Terry

Terry spent his childhood desperate for affection. He felt no love at home from his mother who was an alcoholic and drug addict. Surrounded by strange men his mother brought in their lives, Terry was mostly raising himself.

Our counselors workedwith Terry to help him understand his past of abandonment and neglect. Terry is now 34-years-old, runs his own business and wants to provide his 10-year-old daughter the same love and support he received at KyUMH. Read more...

Isaiah's Story, Kentucky United Methodist Homes

Meet Isaiah

Growing up as an immigrant in America was difficult for Isaiah. His mom was left to raise a 2-week-old and 5-year-old in a strange land with no friends or family to help after Isaiah’s dad passed away. His mother remarried shortly after, but despite a little more family stability at home, Isaiah was bullied and harassed in school.He became suicidal and expressed a desire to end his life.

Isaiah participated in one of our community-based program and changed. He took on a job, excelled in school and even acquired a full-ride scholarship for college. Read more.

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Shelby Lynne Story Kentucky United Methodist Home

Meet Shelby Lynne

When Shelby Lynne was 14 years old, her mother found out that she had talked to a boy on the phone. “All day long she beat me.” She said her mother took her outside and repeatedly hit her with a belt. “When we would come back inside, she would think about it and get mad all over— taking me outside to beat me again. Read more...

Nikki's Story, Kentucky United Methodist Homes

Meet Nikki

Nikki grew up in poverty with no mother. She faced domestic violence and sexual assault, and found escape as a teenager through drugs and alcohol. She became self-destructive and had suicidal thoughts. Her world was not safe.

Nikki was introduced to Next Step by a social worker. The team worked with her to detox and got her involved in volunteering. Her energy and zest for life skyrocketed. She was introduced to a therapeutic equine program for individuals with disabilities. Nikki discovered a love of horses and helping people.

Nikki, at age 14, is now giving back to others and working on a prestigious boarding school scholarship.

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Shafika's Story Kentucky United Methodist Home

Meet Shafika

Shafika parents divorced when she was an infant and eventually lived in abject poverty with her mother and two sisters. She became defiant and out of control. She was put in state custody. Read more.

Once she had been in our program a while,, she got her GED, joined the National Guard and became a nurse and mother. Read more...